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Gear Talk with the Moss Boss - Day 2 CAPiTA SUPER CORP

September 27, 2016

Getting Krazy with Kazuhiro Kokubo Okay so we all know the name, but let's get to know the man behind the name in this video short produced by Adidas as they entered the world of snowboarding. Alright... alright... alright. Kazu joined the team ranks of CAPiTA in December of 2012 after much debate of which companies snowboards he would land his magic feet upon. The announcement of the news felt like a no brainier really. Kazu has a wild style that fits the mold of how CAPiTA has assembled their team thus far. He is well rounded in all discipline on the snow, and has always had a punk rock "don't give a shit" attitude towards the corporate side of... Continue Reading →

CAPITA WEEK with the Moss Boss

September 24, 2016

ITS CAPITA WEEK AT COMMIT!!! Fall is finally here. The leaves have changed and the nights are getting colder. More exciting is popping in to your local snowboard shop to see all the new gear that arrives daily, and start sorting out the ride-able and completely destroyed parts of your kit. Two things I replace in my kit every season are Boots, and Board. If you had a good season out on the slopes and bagged over 40+ days on your shred stick bonking and buttering off everything in site, then most likely your board is bagged too. Buying a new board is a big decision. It's usually the most expensive part of your kit, and also the most important... Continue Reading →

Gear Talk with the Moss Boss - Day 7 Big Change with a Mini Disk

September 22, 2016

Day 7 marks the end of our educational Journey with the Union Binding Company. There have been laughs, cries, highs and lows, but I truly feel that we have developed ourselves further. I feel as though I am a better person even though only about 14 people joined me on the Journey. Next Week is Capita week which should be most informative and thought provoking. To end we will look at the evolution of the Union - Contact, and the Union - Milan. These bindings have been staples in the line for quite some time now with minimal modification as they were serving their purpose just fine. But just as Darwin taught us so many moons ago. All things must... Continue Reading →