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Phase 5 2015

May 27, 2015

Every Phase Five board is handmade at their factory in Venice Florida. Their boards have a difference you can feel. Lightweight, strong and balanced, each one is truly a work of art. Continue Reading →

Getting The Shot

May 26, 2015

Everyone knows that frustration when you are trying to film or photograph something and you miss it. From filming your buddy doing a gainer into the lake, to the Big Dog Travis Rice himself greasing a natural wind lip, if you miss the shot, the frustration is the same... Well, missing a Travis Rice shot might get a guy in trouble so maybe the frustration is a little bit more intense but you see what we are getting at. Watch as Matt Cook follow cam's T Rice over this wind lip. Continue Reading →

Shine Tapes 4

May 25, 2015

The Grynch Mobb getting hyper tech on some Sunshine steel in the springtime.Sunny days called for another Shine Tapes. Filmed at Sunshine Village Banff, Alberta.Riders in Order of Appearance: Manu Calvo, Chris Matheson, Jon Chew, Gui Fortin, Andy James, Sean Marko, Zack Chamberlin, Wyatt Barclay, Justin Brisson. Continue Reading →