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Interview With Jeremy Jones - Higher

January 23, 2015

We’re staggering around the back porch in the cool Jackson Hole summer eve. A near full moon looms and flames flicker in the chiminea. Jeremy Jones, his older brother Steve and longtime friend cackle and roar as they share stories over the sound of popping wood. The boisterous ramble of antics and winters past is no different than others who seek snow and refuge in a mountain town, although their careers suggest otherwise. Jeremy is one of snowboarding’s great—a rider, explorer, mountaineer and diplomat. His two brothers, Todd and Steve, are the founders of the widely recognized Teton Gravity Research media company. These paths have taken them to places they could have never imagined; yet the root of it all... Continue Reading →

2015 Vans Hi-Standard Snow Series World Tour

January 17, 2015

2015 Vans Hi-Standard Snow Series World Tour Vans proudly kicks off 2015 with the Vans Hi-Standard Series, an international contest series inviting snowboarders from around to the world to exhibit pure style and creativity in an exciting jam format. Touring across the US, Canada, China and Austria, the Vans Hi-Standard Series will feature an original big air format where riders are judged by individual style only, with no rotations over 720 allowed. Beginning January 17 in Ontario, Canada, riders will compete in a special exhibition of style and originality. The Hi-Standard Series will award over $60K in cash prizes and challenge riders with the “Van Doren Rail Best Trick”, offering cash on the spot for the most inventive maneuvers. With nothing over... Continue Reading →

The Manboys Matt Belzile Full Part 2014

January 15, 2015

It takes time to hone your skills in backcountry and Matt has spent about decade in the Whistler area refining his riding. The result is one of his most solid parts yet. From The Manboys: Now here is a man that likes to discuss the goings-on of the global economy and eat pumpkin pie and pet animals. What we have here is a collection of his last season’s finest moments in snowboarding. They have been carefully arranged to music and the result is so profound that you’re probably, hopefully, going to start a Wikipedia page for him. We don’t think he’s on there yet. Continue Reading →