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Stacy Peralta's "Get Back Up" The Charlie Blair Story

July 26, 2016

Skateboarding saves lives. It is not easy, in fact sometimes it's downright painful. The feeling you get when you learn something new, or conquer a new spot is undeniable. It's an adventure, and filled with self discovery. Charlie knows this all too well. Great short film by Stacy Peralta.   Continue Reading →

Dont Cry Argentina - Part Deuce, Doublë, Två

July 25, 2016

There are 3 types of people in the world. Rippers, Strippers, and Trippers. Specifically in that order for both sound reasoning and phonetic correctness. Rippers use their body's for athletic endeavors, strippers use their body's to manifest colored paper that can be traded for goods and services, and trippers use their body's chemistry to manifest spiritual adventure. One is not better than the other, nor can one survive without the others. It's science in its truest form...   Continue Reading →

The Runs - "No Solid Hits"

July 23, 2016

Fernie's number 2 band is at it again, and this time with an album to back up the bullshit. Everyone knows they perform half decent, but recording takes actual skills like playing an instrument consistently, and not making mistakes. Thank goodness a bunch of years ago they recruited the likes of Drummer - Scott Deydey, and banging Basist - Alanna Bamber. Finally a dynamic duo that can sing and dance like the best of them, and with rhythmic talents of hummingbirds the band has never sounded so gawd damn tight. Greg "G$" Barrow and Adam "Al Boring" still hold it down on the front-line with their good looks, and childish antics that amuse even the sternest of no funners. "No... Continue Reading →