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Fernie4 - Film Festival

April 09, 2016

4 Days. 4 Minutes. 4 Grand. Fernie Alpine Resort and Bomb Snow have put together a special event showcasing the talents of film crews from around the globe in a head to head 4 minute, 4 day, 4 rider battle on the hill. After Tuesday nights meeting the teams were let loose to film whatever they want in hopes of putting together a winning edit worth 4 grand, or a van. Judging criteria is out of 11 in 6 different categories including a special #busybeaver award announced late Tuesday evening. Each team must be composed of four individuals. No more, no less. That could be 1 filmer, 3 riders, 2 filmers, 2 riders etc. The ratio of athletes to cinematographers... Continue Reading →

Hot Dawgy Dogger with a side of Mustard!

April 05, 2016

Well that time of year approaches where we all get dressed up to pay homage to the legends that paved the way. Household names like Glen Plake, "Airborn Eddie" Ferguson, Alf Engen, Scot Schmidt, Shane McConkey, and dozens of others created a revolution that we still pursue. Conquering the mountain, all of it's elements, and pushing ourselves and others to limits never thought possible of the human body. More than this was the fashion and attitude that developed, showcasing the personalities and expression of the sport. Neon colors, Mohawks, side pony's, rear entry boots, first ascents/descents, inverts, corks, language, and the photography/film that brought it to the public eye, made skiing what it is today. In 1984 the scene went... Continue Reading →


April 04, 2016

In store only and available until the mountain is closed for the season. Last week, and last chance at mega specials in store. Celebrate the end of the season by preparing for next season. That's smart shopping right there. Especially with the American dollar! Continue Reading →