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Oil Country - Full Movie

November 23, 2016

Well ain't that a sight for sore eyes. Grey up with a good chunk of this crew and have met the rest along the many adventures snowboarding has blessed me with over the years. The webisodes were always entertaining and I have no doubt the full length film will. Rockin 4 berta the big bertha. Overview: After years of filming webisodes, Oil Country has released a self-titled full movie. Take a trip through the streets of Calgary and the backcountry just outside of Banff National Park with Tanner Davidson, Dwayne Wiebe, Luke Sudermann, Andy James, Darcy Keller, James Banks, Tyler Lightfoot, Tim Nelson, Eric Corbin, Justin Brisson, Sean Marko, and Manu Calvo.Read more at: Oil Country   Continue Reading →

Burrrlapz The Movie

November 17, 2016

Countdown is on folks. People couldn't be more excited about the Saturday night special here in Fernie. The Vogue theatre giving up to prime show times to the local crew that destroyed everything winter last year, including their livers. The 9:00PM showing is now completely sold out, but there are lots of tickets left to the all ages showing. Fill your pockets with secret goodies, and come enjoy the show. Only $10 a ticket for the 7:00PM showing. Here is some video action to keep you inspired.   Continue Reading →

In Memoriam: Dylan Rieder

October 13, 2016

On October 12th, 2016, surrounded by family and friends, Dylan Joseph Rieder passed away due to complications with Leukemia. Via Thrasher: Born to ride a skateboard? It's a seemingly silly concept when you think about it, but Dylan Rieder made us believe it. This man was absolutely, positively a gift: power, style, grace - he had it all. That said, he was much more a skateboarder and that's what makes this infinitely more tragic. Think about what he had already accomplished and imagine how much more he could have done.   Dylan. from Gravis Footwear on Vimeo.   Continue Reading →