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Crab Grab - Crunch Time

February 09, 2017

Now we all know that Crab Grab offers you the best one foot traction in the business, and in some cases offers more stick to your stick than a binding, but did you also know that this year they got hot and heavy into the glove game? I know what your thinking. No Way Jose! But yes folks with magic mitts like the Man Hands, Crab Grab has opened up a whole lot of whoop ass and can pop the top on any stubborn jar you get your paws on. Their team is filled with heavy hitters, as well as everyday shred heads attacking the mountain and streets in the name of science. Water + Negative(-) Temperatures = Greasy Ground... Continue Reading →

X-Games Bucket Full of Grease

January 31, 2017

Well its that time of year again when the competition riders buckle up there boot straps and tighten the reigns on their steely edged steads to do battle in Snowmass. The prize??? 1. A pick of a prized litter of pure bread Scottish Fold kittens? A in house gravy fountain made with grandmas finest recipe? A pool filled entirely with Kraft dinner, and Velveeta?  No... these answers are pure absurdity. These answers are non sense conjured up by what one can only assume is a utter madd man. Or? Are the athletes of this contest the true madd men and women who send trickery to the moon to entertain the Snowmass's in the name of bronze, silver, and gold. Every... Continue Reading →

Äsmosphere from monEpic

January 24, 2017

Sometimes after a long day of what seems to be never ending work I like to kick back and rekindle the spirit by watching videos which remind of what inspired my passion for Commit. This video directed and edited by the brilliant minds of Wolle Nyvelt and Andreas Monsberger AKA "monEpic" was exactly that. Artistic and energizing the movement that created the sports I love, and the culture that surrounds them. The synergy created by man interacting with nature to create a mixture of visual stimulation and pure fun. Check out monEpic's website as his creativity and cinematography stimulate and rouse emotion to get outside and enjoy our surroundings. Isn't that what most of us work for in the first... Continue Reading →