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Knowshow - Vancouver 18/19

January 16, 2018

Well the Commit buying team is off to Knowshow to take a peek at the goods coming out next season. Stoke on the show for myself has always been hard-goods category. That's where snowboarding lives. Advancements in the technology of snowboarding show face, giving birth to new cambers, shapes, and trends that determine how and why we ride. Graphic stories are unveiled, and the picture is painted for the following season.  On the clothing side we see colour directions, and material choices which will make up most of what we sell in the shop. For me it will always be about the meat and potatoes. For more information behind the Knowshow follow the links. ABOUT THE SHOW The KNOWSHOW is... Continue Reading →

Backcountry No Go-Go

January 09, 2018

Just a friendly reminder that the East Kootenay's is a dangerous place to be with the recent weather events. Please ensure you are taking all precautions necessary for your out of bounds adventures, and educate yourself to prevent incident. If there is any question in anyone's mind the decision is simple "STAY HOME". A 36 year old male's body from Alberta was recovered today via Fernie Search and Rescue in the Lizard Range. Do not ignore the signs of Nature, and use the resources that are available to you. Be sure to check for any relevant information on the region your touring, and remember the 5 Signs. Plan your Trip. Educate yourself. Continue Reading →

GX1000: El Camino

January 05, 2018

If you don't pay attention to this rag tag crew based primarily out of San Fransisco, then your missing out on some of the best subculture skateboarding that exists. GX1000 is the brain child of Ryan Garshell who films the raw footage on an old VX-1000. The edits let the skateboarding do the talking and remove any fancy space fillers used by others to fill time. I was introduced to the crew and it's savagely raw video's by good friend who fits the bill up here in Canada. We just need warmer weather and a old VX. Be sure to check these guys collection of edits, they'll make you cringe, shutter, laugh, and shake all at the same time. Continue Reading →