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X Games Real Snow 2017

March 21, 2017

That time of year to get your vote on!!! Heavy hitters from all parts of the globe put their bodies on the line for chance at Gold. Smashing it out in the streets to put together the best 2 minutes they can. Seek and destroy. Get your vote on folks their is only 5 days left for peoples choice. X Games Real Snow 2017 Frank Bourgeois Dylan Thompson Toni Kerkelä Jesse Paul Justin Fronius Anto Chamberland   Continue Reading →

Something By The Man Boys 2017

March 21, 2017

Man is there a lot going down in the world of snowboarding this winter season. I mean it only makes sense considering the amount of snow we have been receiving. Safe to say this season has been one for the ages here in Fernie. As for as the rest of North America, snowboard media sites have been stacked with good footage coming out from all over, and destination film crews/riders have been hard at work releasing fresh content. The Man Boys are one of my favorite crews to follow in snowboarding. They shred anything and everything and deliver the goods. Their movie this year was greasy as hell so I can only imagine the release of a full web series... Continue Reading →

Crab Grab - Crunch Time

February 09, 2017

Now we all know that Crab Grab offers you the best one foot traction in the business, and in some cases offers more stick to your stick than a binding, but did you also know that this year they got hot and heavy into the glove game? I know what your thinking. No Way Jose! But yes folks with magic mitts like the Man Hands, Crab Grab has opened up a whole lot of whoop ass and can pop the top on any stubborn jar you get your paws on. Their team is filled with heavy hitters, as well as everyday shred heads attacking the mountain and streets in the name of science. Water + Negative(-) Temperatures = Greasy Ground... Continue Reading →