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Antoine Brosseau-Tremblay Fill your boots!

June 03, 2018

Antoine Brosseau-Tremblay killing this past season in the best gawd damn ski town on this blueish planet space rock thing that we exist upon. Continue Reading →

'Fernie Ferda' - Antoine Brousseau-Tremblay Season Edit

June 02, 2018

"Fernie Ferda" is a fully laced up edit featuring Antoine Brousseau-Tremblay A.K.A the stoke chief, A.K.A the red ripper, A.K.A the blood wizard has been on the prowl in the lizard range. From deep days on the headwall to urban this is an all exclusive Fernie edit you dont want to miss. Shot and edited by Ollie Armytage Antoine Brousseau-Tremblay 'Fernie Ferda' from Oliver Armytage on Vimeo.     Continue Reading →

Knowshow - Vancouver 18/19

January 16, 2018

Well the Commit buying team is off to Knowshow to take a peek at the goods coming out next season. Stoke on the show for myself has always been hard-goods category. That's where snowboarding lives. Advancements in the technology of snowboarding show face, giving birth to new cambers, shapes, and trends that determine how and why we ride. Graphic stories are unveiled, and the picture is painted for the following season.  On the clothing side we see colour directions, and material choices which will make up most of what we sell in the shop. For me it will always be about the meat and potatoes. For more information behind the Knowshow follow the links. ABOUT THE SHOW The KNOWSHOW is... Continue Reading →