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June 22, 2017

Thanks everyone for coming out to GO SKATEBOARDING DAY. It was a radical time and the hombres were throwing down like tomorrow was just a concept. After a large day of sweat and pushing, my body feels like my socks smell when I finally took off my skate shoes. That being said I am already itching for the next skate sesh and I hope that yesterday was the beginning of a resurgence in the skate community!  Go Skateboarding day is a vacation for some, but it is also used as a reminder to go and GET SOME on your board MORE OFTEN! In light of this opinion, I gift you this not so serious but "touching home" Imagery  Continue Reading →

Chima Ferguson - Rough cut

June 20, 2017

Since his initiation onto REAL Skateboards in 2014, Chima has been throwing down hammers. He has one of the best pop shuvits in the game and skates smoother than your grandfather can shave. This is his rough cut from the REAL Surveillance video, click and watch the battle.  Continue Reading →

The Nine Club - Lakai "The Flare" Premiere

June 19, 2017

"...and we're back" The Nine Club is my favorite podcast for skateboard culture and a good chance to listen to the inside circle of core brands, interesting business ideas, and historical moments in our favorite sport. In this episode the nine club parks their office beside the premiere of Lakai's new feature length film "The Flare". We embark on a slightly chaotic journey with some skate legends such as Carol, Biebel, Alvarez , neck face and the man who created the iconic flare. We follow Chris Roberts, Roger Bagley, and Kelly Hart as they interview as many people as possible before the premiere ends. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did. Continue Reading →