March 21, 2017


X Games Real Snow 2017

That time of year to get your vote on!!! Heavy hitters from all parts of the globe put their bodies on the line for chance at Gold. Smashing it out in the streets to put together the best 2 minutes they can. Seek and destroy. Get your vote on folks their is only 5 days left for peoples choice. X Games Real Snow 2017

Frank Bourgeois

Dylan Thompson

Toni Kerkelä

Jesse Paul

Justin Fronius

Anto Chamberland


March 21, 2017


Something By The Man Boys 2017

Man is there a lot going down in the world of snowboarding this winter season. I mean it only makes sense considering the amount of snow we have been receiving. Safe to say this season has been one for the ages here in Fernie. As for as the rest of North America, snowboard media sites have been stacked with good footage coming out from all over, and destination film crews/riders have been hard at work releasing fresh content. The Man Boys are one of my favorite crews to follow in snowboarding. They shred anything and everything and deliver the goods. Their movie this year was greasy as hell so I can only imagine the release of a full web series will be nothing short of entertaining. It releases next fall so be sure to stay tuned in for the action.


February 09, 2017


Crab Grab - Crunch Time

Now we all know that Crab Grab offers you the best one foot traction in the business, and in some cases offers more stick to your stick than a binding, but did you also know that this year they got hot and heavy into the glove game? I know what your thinking. No Way Jose! But yes folks with magic mitts like the Man Hands, Crab Grab has opened up a whole lot of whoop ass and can pop the top on any stubborn jar you get your paws on. Their team is filled with heavy hitters, as well as everyday shred heads attacking the mountain and streets in the name of science. Water + Negative(-) Temperatures = Greasy Ground the can be ridden on top of for maximum serotonin release. The result is the sport we all know and love. Here is a video from the crew from December, and a feature on how their gloves can make grabbing your board a "cinch".


January 31, 2017


X-Games Bucket Full of Grease

Well its that time of year again when the competition riders buckle up there boot straps and tighten the reigns on their steely edged steads to do battle in Snowmass. The prize??? 1. A pick of a prized litter of pure bread Scottish Fold kittens? A in house gravy fountain made with grandmas finest recipe? A pool filled entirely with Kraft dinner, and Velveeta? 

No... these answers are pure absurdity. These answers are non sense conjured up by what one can only assume is a utter madd man. Or? Are the athletes of this contest the true madd men and women who send trickery to the moon to entertain the Snowmass's in the name of bronze, silver, and gold.

Every year I get jacked up on Mountain Dew, Monster Energy, Red Bull Wing Juice, or whoever the "caffeine n crash" sponsor is slanging sugar juice like popcorn with extra butter. Of course I want extra butter why is it even an option. Nothing goes better with watching snowboarders than a plethora of food choices to drown our sorrows of having not "Made It" in the game. Truth be told those that didn't make it didn't want it enough, and those that did, have a maniacal ability to ignore the voice inside their heads that acts as a sensible fraidy cat.

If you read until till here I thank you, and below you will find a series of videos that blow your face off and replace it with Nicolas Cage's.

Footage courtesy of Freestyle Sports and ESPN.


January 24, 2017


Äsmosphere from monEpic

Sometimes after a long day of what seems to be never ending work I like to kick back and rekindle the spirit by watching videos which remind of what inspired my passion for Commit. This video directed and edited by the brilliant minds of Wolle Nyvelt and Andreas Monsberger AKA "monEpic" was exactly that. Artistic and energizing the movement that created the sports I love, and the culture that surrounds them. The synergy created by man interacting with nature to create a mixture of visual stimulation and pure fun. Check out monEpic's website as his creativity and cinematography stimulate and rouse emotion to get outside and enjoy our surroundings. Isn't that what most of us work for in the first place? Opportunity for exploration...

Äsmosphere from monEpic on Vimeo.


January 22, 2017


Freeride World Tour - Hakuba

Whether you loved or disliked The Fourth Phase you could never dislike or deny the talents of the one and only Travis Rice. The man destroys anything in his path on a shred stick, and hosts accolades that make him the Gretzky of the snowboard world. In true T-Rice fashion he slays the top spot @ the Hakuba stop of the Freeride World Tour Qualifier. I never doubted Travis would return to competition snowboarding again after his personal projects considering he's won almost every contest in the game during his rise to the top. Stoked to see him on the tour and also for his fellow competitors who will be taking freeride snowboarding to a new level this season with a black horse in the gates.

Winning run Travis Rice - Snowboard Men... by FWQWeek

January 03, 2017


Danny Davis - Peace Park 2016

A contest devoted to what attracted me to snowboarding in the first place. Style, Style, and more Style!!! Danny Davis is a unique man in the world of snowboarding combining his talent in the vert scene with his creative ideas towards ultimate park design. The peace park is exactly this, the combination of multiple series of transitions opposed to conventional or traditional ideas of park shapes and features. Combine this with the best shreds on planeto eartho, and you have magic in the making.

Modern Day Shreddinator Danny Davis:

Peace Park Excerpt:

Mountain Dew has teamed up once again with professional snowboarder Danny Davis and Snow Park Technologies (SPT) to create and release the newest installments of PEACE PARK – A unique concept that began five years ago when Danny Davis envisioned an opportunity to enhance the creative and stylistic culture of snowboarding by evolving the traditional halfpipe build, expanding beyond its original competition-style layout to include fun, park-like features that are inspired by both skateboarding and surfing. Each year, Danny works with Mountain Dew and SPT to help design PEACE PARK, a course like no other in the world, inviting elite riders handpicked by Danny to showcase their unique styles on the mountain. iTunes is offering an alternative 40-minute full action edit available for purchase on Tuesday, November 29. Peace Park

January 02, 2017


Burrrlapz - The Movie

Just in case you spent the holidays battling intergalactic aliens in outer space, or out shredding the ridiculous amount of fresh snow that we received here in the magic Fern Gully. You should know and be aware that the full length film from Fernie's favorite local shreds has released for free via the internet. All the crazy antics you would expect mixed with some serious hammers from around the snowy globe. All right enough talkie walkie... let the show begin.

Burrrlapz The Movie | Full Film from Burrrlapz on Vimeo.


December 16, 2016


Valle Nevado - Chile

So this year we put Japan on the hit-list for epic good times with friends shredding. But Chile has been on the bucket list for years due to the ability to experience snow, skate, and surf in a single day. Also who would pass up the opportunity to shralp in a country that has over 6000km of Pacific Ocean Coastline and valleys situated in the midst of both the Andes and the Chilean Coast Range Mountains. A mecca to say the least I will just have to ensure that I brush up on my Espanol. Another location I have frothed over since I was a young buck reading about mountain adventures on the snow-stick is Eastern Europe. Places like Bulgaria and Slovenia have become mega popular as cheaper ski destinations in Europe but more importantly offer amazing terrain as well as incredible cultural opportunities. Where ever the shred takes me after Japan I open my arms wide to the adventure, and the friends along the way. Shred dawg for life.

This article on Transworld Snowboarding was banging and made me excited for new adventures with friends.

Resort Sessions: Valle Nevado, Chile


More about Valle Nevado:

November 23, 2016


Oil Country - Full Movie

Well ain't that a sight for sore eyes. Grey up with a good chunk of this crew and have met the rest along the many adventures snowboarding has blessed me with over the years. The webisodes were always entertaining and I have no doubt the full length film will. Rockin 4 berta the big bertha.


After years of filming webisodes, Oil Country has released a self-titled full movie. Take a trip through the streets of Calgary and the backcountry just outside of Banff National Park with Tanner Davidson, Dwayne Wiebe, Luke Sudermann, Andy James, Darcy Keller, James Banks, Tyler Lightfoot, Tim Nelson, Eric Corbin, Justin Brisson, Sean Marko, and Manu Calvo.
Read more at: Oil Country


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