May 24, 2017


X Games Real Street 2017

The X Games Real series is in my opinion the best thing produced by the media giant each season. Back by popular demand is the Real Street contest for skateboarding. Featuring a plethora of outstanding skateboarders competing head to head for X Games Gold. This contest is sick because of the small filming window forcing athletes to push their limit to produce a short segment of nothing but absolute bangers. The series runs with 6 Different disciplines of sport including Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, BMX, Moto, and Wakeboarding, all airing during different months of the year. May is Skateboard month. The videos are live, and the voting is open, so contribute your choice and help choose the fan favorite. For more action you can tune into the air times for live TV, or hit up X Games on their website for recaps of the events.

My Vote goes out to Chris or Paul, but they all killed it.

Tiago Lemos

Chris Joslin

Na-Kel Smith

Ishod Wair

Neen Williams

Cole Wilson

Paul Hart

Vincent Alvarez


May 19, 2017


Skateboarding v.s The Olympics

The proposal of Skateboarding and surfing in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 leaves the skateboard world dry in the mouth. Skateboarding has its many faces, so who will the chosen ones be? Who will prevail? There has been discrepancies in the past with athletes like Ben Raybourn getting lowballed in the 2015 X Games . With new athletes with unique styles and tricks coming out into the global playing field how can we integrate judging without segregation? 

How will big ticket corporations like banks and credit card companies fit in with the so called "sport" of skateboarding? How will core brands weasel there way into this new challenge? On the flip side, how will core skaters react? When there are strict rules and guidlines, will the athletes comply? or no comply? Transworld Business takes up the challenge of discussing the positives of skateboarding heading to the olympics in 2020. Lets take it to the round table shall we? 

What do you think? Is there a place for Skateboarding in the Olympics? 

May 18, 2017


The Unknown Future of New Jersey's Infamous D.I.Y Spot, Shorty's

In Skateboarding's history, D.I.Y Skateparks can go unknown for years but some of them grow out of the ruble and create landmarks that attract skaters from all over the world. From Thrasher King of the road to glorified art shows these D.I.Y spots often see traffic that could be viewed as a tourism hotspot. Canada has a few famous D.I.Y's like Leeside (Vancouver) and Project45 (Montreal) but there are pop up spots everywhere and if you lurked hard enough there is one in every city. The sad truth about these D.I.Y spots is that there is often a timeline associated with them, and like Shorty's in New Jersey, skaters that have poured blood, sweat and tears into these spots have to accept the war between existence and destruction.

Shorty's grew out of the ruble and became a small mecca for skateboarders, graffiti artists and misfits, click here read more into its history and possible demise.





May 16, 2017


DAEWON SONG - Inducted into Skateboarding Hall of Fame

After years (decades) of proper wizard tricks and shred savagery Daewon Song is finally etched in the history of skateboarding. Daewon is a groundbreaking skateboarder who has been able to bend time and space with his mind-altering technical skateboarding. If you don't know who this brainchild is, a quick google search will turn your brain into mush! Since Daewon was inducted to into the 90's division, here is a 90's tribute, enjoy. 

For some fun facts on Daewon check out Almost Skateboards article by Sean Mortimer.

May 11, 2017


Bust or Bail Atlanta Slamma

May 10, 2017


Wasted Youth - The Sequel

The boys in Revy hold it down hard. Karl, Society Snow and Skate, Dirty Mike and the boys, and their team of misfit toys putting out movie 2 this year simply titled The Sequel. Described as "An underground snowboard movie from hell". THe second half of this teaser reminds me all to well the fun to be had living as a ski bum, where tracks mean more than cash. The bond it creates with nature and the individuals alike you share your experience with help shape your future... Support your Wasted Youth.



May 08, 2017


King Of the Road Returns!!

It's Back!! This is going to be insane...Creature, Enjoi & Deathwise compete in the gnarliest, weirdest & most ridiculous KOTR ever!!

May 06, 2017


Halldor Helgason - Dayumm! Full Part

Some call him the king of crustaceans, others refer to him as the regal rewinder… whatever you call him, his full part just dropped!!  Dayumm indeed!!

May 04, 2017


Welcome To The Void ... The Ocean Is Calling Us!!

Craving some ocean time...if we leave now we can be there by midnight??!!!! Here's some beautiful shots to get you craving the blue!

WELCOME TO THE VOID from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo.




April 27, 2017


Stan Levielle's - Last Resort

A new voice has shown up in the world of snowboarding. Stan Levielle's antics on camera are an absolute pleasure to behold. Very much a bite of Skate Line by Gary Rogers, but let's face the music on this one... he's funny as Fu*$. If you feel like you have lost touch with snowboarding, give this man 21 minutes to get you caught up, and bust your gut. Snowboarding needed a man like Stan to maintain the checks and balances of the industry, and call a spade a fancy word for a shovel. Hats off to you Mr. Stan we solute you here at Commit and can't wait for your Cinco de mayo month of May madness.



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