April 22, 2017


Holy Dooley Holy Bowly 2017!!

Holy Bowly has been going off all week at Sunshine Village...concluding this weekend, get down there to ride with some of our fav riders and session some of the best transitional snow features ever made!! Here's a little snippet of what's being going down!!


See ya there!!



April 19, 2017


Ethan Morgan - Home Run Heavy Hittin in Austria

Well... this is sick. What a dope resort, and of course a banging lap by Mr. Morgan.


Coming Home - Top To Bottom Nordkette from Ethan Morgan on Vimeo.


April 18, 2017


The History of Loon Mountain - Terrain Parks

Terrain Parks that scale progressive development from beginner to pro are something that should be staple to any ski/snowboard resort. Skiing was a dying sport in the 90's because it had become stagnant. Thankfully with the help of some revolutionary athletes and the introduction of snowboarding, which brought surf and skate style to the snow, the sport rebounded. Freestyle snowboarding assisted greatly in the development of new technology for both sports which allowed shredders to progress into new territories never fathomed. The youth of today is not content practicing traditional staged techniques used to teach people how to ski a specific style. Style is something that each rider now creates for himself based off both perception of fellow shreds, and available riding environment(s). Parks help us to hone in on our style and provide a consistent safe environment for us to learn, and master the art of our sports. Loon Mountain has one of the best in the business, and I thank them for helping pave the way for new generations. Maybe RCR will smarten up to the future, or better yet, sell to someone who embraces the freestyle aspect of our sports. I mean after all, not everyday is a Pow day, and we can't control the weather.


April 17, 2017


June Saito - 2 Wheel Insanity

June Saito is a maniac on 4 wheels let alone 2. Rocking the mad manuals for days. I mean life is an art of balance, and June's is on point! This is a real life version of THPS2. Loved that game back in the day. Almost as fun as actual skateboarding.


April 16, 2017


Lacey Baker; My world- Girl be killing it!!

GET YOUR DECKS OUT FOR THE GALS!!!.... Sunday is upon us and with the end of winter sneaking its sneaky little way into our lives way once again at least the streets are dry (kinda) and the decks are a calling!! Check out Lacey in her "My world" full part...This gals got a deck and she ain't afraid of showing all you fellas just how to use it!! Loving your sick chick style Lacey!!


April 15, 2017


Rough Cut: Taylor Kirby

To go pro at skateboarding you have to have a deathwish! Taylor Kirby gettin her done in the streets with full support from his renegade comrades. Tried, tested and true his hard efforts have paid off in result of pro status in the toughest sport on planet earth! But professional status is not easily attained. No pain, No gain. We showcase both his part and the rough cut of what it takes to make skateboard movie magic.

April 12, 2017


Equipo De Elementos En Barcelona

I was fortunate enough to travel to Barcelona on my last journey to Europe, and I have never seen a skate scene like it. Mind you last time I was in California I was somewhere around the age of 10? Don't remember much from those days. Barcelona has always been greatly celebrated in the world of skateboarding. It's architecture plays home to some of the sickest spots for both skater and filmer alike. That and the weather is absolutely bangin. Element team getting it done in the Spanish city of skate.

April 09, 2017


Torey Pudwill - Flatbar Frenzy

If you work hard enough to fly the RedBull flag it represents a landmark in your career and is a status symbol showing how far you have progressed as a athlete. For Torey Pudwill it's always been four wheels, 8 bearings, 2 trucks and some hardwood. A mode of transport and expression that has taken him full circle around the globe in pursuit of good times and epic adventure.

April 04, 2017


Schneider's 100% all beef Hot Dogs

Well holy heck this season streamed by faster than the mighty elk river in a rain storm. But not all is lost as we head into one of the biggest festivity weeks of the year in the Fern Gully. Goodbye parties, spring sending, head wall attack, fly fishing, I mean it's a tough time of year to be indoors. Of course it's also the annual Hot Diggity Dog Day Afternoon (all day turbo adventure). That time where we pay homage to the legends of the past and let it all just dangle out there in a custom designed outer space mind warped nature dance only witnessed once every orbital period of the earth around the sun. So tighten your belt, grease up them Gerry curls and we will see you on the slopes. Sure to be better than a Wall full of Bee's. 
March 21, 2017


X Games Real Snow 2017

That time of year to get your vote on!!! Heavy hitters from all parts of the globe put their bodies on the line for chance at Gold. Smashing it out in the streets to put together the best 2 minutes they can. Seek and destroy. Get your vote on folks their is only 5 days left for peoples choice. X Games Real Snow 2017

Frank Bourgeois

Dylan Thompson

Toni Kerkelä

Jesse Paul

Justin Fronius

Anto Chamberland


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