King Klotar Reigns Champ!

In an epic battle yesterday King Klotar (23 year old male) began a fight for freedom. He awoke early to slaughter the pigs in the yard for nourishment, and then proceeded to make bacon, sausage and of course his breakfast favorite, sweet and sour pork with schesuan rice and gravy. After a fine meal he allowed himself time to bathe in the river behind his mud hut mentally preparing for the battle ahead. The sun popped its powerful head above the hill line and Klotar returned to the hut to prepare his battle sword. His sword was a blacksmith's dream standing over seven feet tall on end. It weighed one tonne and the handle was made out of panda fur from ten panda hides. After some devoted sharpening of the steel he cut into his wrist to feel the pain of a thousand Emo kids screaming about pre adolescant problems that are insignificant, and them wrapped cloth around it. He put on his body armor made of polar bear teeth and elephant tusk then motioned to the door. He was ready!

With armor shimmering from the mid day sun, he moved to saddle his battle horse. A 18 foot seven seven inch tall, 6000 lbs beast with legs like tree trunks he heaved the saddle over the beasts back and strapped it to his under belly. This was no ordinary saddle however, it was the Bently, The Caddilac, and the Rolls Royce of saddles all rapped up together and then dipped in white gold and diamonds. Equipped with automatic chromed machine guns on both sides, beer cooler, pizza oven, and a Hi Def 42" plasma television. Klotar then mounted the horse with a ladder made of human bones and headed north to the war zone!

Part 2 Coming soon...

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