Fernie Summer Solstice Party

Okay everybody there is a huge party in Fernie this weekend!!! Lets all enjoy a few woobly-pops and kick it in the gnarly weather!!! Just don't end up like the guy below.  Here are the details taken from Facebook.  You can view the event HERE and RSVP.

"So many of you have been to the Lodge over the last few months for my "informal" parties... Well it's finally on again, although this time we have to keep the owner (John) very happy so it'll be a wicked night as usual, but we have to CHARGE 10$ so I can provide some basic services (SHUTTLE, SECURITY & DJs)... He's agreed to it this time, so don't hold back and don't miss out! 
DETAILS: 10$ each, at the door or pre-sale tickets (email me for info) with BYOB in effect. If you can ride your bike giv'er if you need a ride there will be a SHUTTLE from town (back & forth from the Aquatics Center from midnight to the next morning. Alex, Lucas & Cona will be spinning, maybe more! 

Nobody upstairs, NO hot tub (liability...), and no smoking inside. Try to be quiet when you're off the property (and down the driveway) so as not to annoy the neighbors, we wanna have LOTS of these parties! 

If all goes well, this will be a MONTHLY thing to just let loose lay back & have a good time - for those who've been up there before you'll know what a privilege it is to be able to use the Lodge for such events, so thanks for keepin' in real & having a good night! 

Call me or email for more info: 250-531-1112 (number may change this week, email if I don't answer or crackbook message me (email: rich@myplaygroundearth.com )"



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