King Klotar Reigns Part 2

It would me many suns and moons before Klotar would arrive at his destination. The time would pass slow in the anticipation of the bloodshed that lay ahead. Confident in his battle skills Klotar felt relief in knowing this would not be his final battle. He reclined his saddle, lay back, and proceeded to watch pirated southpark episodes he had downloaded in the days previous. He reached into his side bag and pulled out a bag of Ms Vickes sea salt and malt vinegar chips and a 6 pack of Budweiser to snack on. The forest leading from Klotars Mud Hut to the north stone hills ahead was a lush green filled with the sound of many birds, and small ground animals. The trees where predominantly Balsam, with some scattered pine and spruce allowing nice coverage from the afternoon sun. As the episodes passed in laughter so did the sun fade over the north western hills that lay ahead. Beginning to feel a bit peckish, Klotar decided he would make camp for the evening in a clearing, close to the forests edge. Klotar dismounted his horse and pulled out his king-sized Sealy Serta mattress and a set of dead body linens from his horses trunk compartment.

He spread the sheets over the bed carefully insuring proper creases and folds so he would not become ruffled in the night. If there were two things that klotar could not stand, it was messy sheets and uncomfortable sleeps. After making the perfect bed Klotar felt too lazy to prepare a proper meal. He instead settled for a convenient microwaveable  meal of Burritos, Pizza Pops, Mozza Stix, a twixer of rye, and of coarse his favorite microwavable meal; slow roasted lamb stuffed with whole garlic cloves in bre cheese, assorted vegetables, and a mountain of mash potatoes doused in gravy. Feeling overwhelmingly stuffed Klotar lay down a bed of spruce bows for his horse , and then retired himself to bed. Little did Klotar know what the night had in store for him and as his heavy eyes closed the wind began to blow...

Part Three coming soon...

...and yes it will be bloody and gory and stuff!

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