Shoes for less fortunate...

Hey everybody! My name is Xavier Cedeno. I am originally from Ecuador and now living in Fernie. I am planning on going back this fall for a little while to visit family and travel around. Soccer is huge in Ecuador, it pretty much runs in our blood. It is also a very impoverished country. There are many kids that play barefoot or with shoes that do really nothing at all. So if you have soccer shoes (indoor or field) that you have stopped using or your children have grown out of I will gladly take them. They will be donated to kids in the neighborhood that I grew up in. My Dad, uncles and their friends have a social club through which every Christmas they give away toys and clothes to the kids. The soccer shoes would be an awesome treat for them. So please, if you are planning on tossing them out let me know. You can reach me at 250 423 5899. I will meet you somewhere or pick them up at your place or you can also drop them off at Yamagoya (bitchin' Sushi joint). Thank you so much everybody.

Xavier Cedeno

Editors note. You can also drop any donations off at Commit. Also, the shoes do not have to be soccer specific. If you have some old skate shoes/running shoes etc. sitting around collecting dust make sure to bring them by because someone could put em to use!

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