Send It Intro Filming!!!

You read that right!!! This saturday, Sept. 6, The Shred Co-operative will begin shooting on the intro to this year's snowboard video extraveganza, SEND IT!!!  This blurb is taken directly from Facebook, which incidentally has the wrong date.

" We are shooting the intro for Send it. An over exagerated slo motion party fest extravaganza.

We need extras willing to get loose and who own some retro 80's 90's short shorts or better.
We also need mini ramp skate technicians to provide the action on the ramp.

We need you......

call dubs for more info or talk to someone in the shop who will fill you in...."

So either send us an email.  Drop a message on Facebook, or call someone to get more info.  Its your chance to be a part of history!! Oh and you can brag to your friends about being in a snowboard movie too.... thats dope.

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