Fernie's Finest

About six bells yesterday I was driving down 2nd Avenue minding my own business, listening to Cannibal Ox at full volume when s*** hit the proverbial fan...

Initially I thought my broke ass had somehow run out of gas but after filling the truck up and jumping the beast it was apparent that there was a bigger issue, likely with the alternator.

Anyways, long story short, in the twenty or thirty minutes spent head scratching/cursing/unsuccessful push starts etc. I can honestly say that almost every vehicle that passed my brother and I stopped to offer help and make sure we were okay.

I have been fortunate to call Fernie home for the last six or so years and this town, specifically the people, never cease to amaze me. The generosity that exists here is something that you cannot describe in words, but something you have to experience first hand. Rolling Stone described our town as one of the coolest in North America...times like last night I'd say it is THE coolest.

So thanks to anyone that stopped to offer help. Whether you just rolled down your window or actually lifted your hood to offer a boost, you are all going to heaven. I will make sure of it.


PS. Iggy will punch you if you don't shop at Commit

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