Opening Day!!!

Today is the day, but heck no, I didn't go. First of all, I was stuck in a kitchen all day, but one look at the weather forecast and I didn't feel so bad about missing it. During the day the temperature was somewhere between -15 and -20 plus wind chill (probably anywhere from -30 to -300). There was about 15 cm's of fresh snow overnight but by the time the lifts open it was all crusty and wind blown. Well at least that's what the people tell me, but the frostbite on my roommates face backs that up pretty good. So the forecast calls for at least -20 temperatures for the next 5 days, so your best bet it to stay inside and wait for Stoked to come out on Xbox 360. If you do go out keep an eye out for this guy, he's Australian and wasn't ready for a Canadian winter. He might need your help.

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