First off i'll apologize to everyone who came out to Bulldog's but got stuck in the gigantic line at the door. If it was up to us you would have all be jammed in there, but apparently the police think differently.

Overall a very successful night, we would like to thank Matty Dubs, Todd, Big Fish and anyone else than had anything to do with putting together that sexy movie. Big thanks to Bulldog's for letting us have a banger party in their bar. And i cannot forget to thank The Fernie Brewing Company for helping us out with getting beers into our English friends on Non-Stop Snowboard before hand. We defiantly look forward to throwing parties with those guys.

To sum it up people ate onions, pounded 40's of malt liquor, tried there best to spell obscene words, raced to get on frozen t-shirts, and the list goes on, all in the name of winning free things. 

One last note.....'Send it' is available  for $20 at Commit, but copies are very limited for right now. Get yours now![gallery]

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