SIA '09

Well its official, Commit has returned from Vegas intact and alive. In case anybody didn't know last week Vegas played host to the most incredible week in snowboard history, The 2009 SIA Trade Show. A full week in Las Vegas hanging with such pro's as MFM, JP Solberg, DCP and the multiple Rider's Choice award winning Travis Rice. The purpose of the event is for shops around North America to get a preview of the goods coming out next year, so they know what to order. The thing is, snowboarding is pretty much dominated by a bunch of hoodlums who like to drink. And now all my clothes smell like a dirty frat party.

To start though, last Monday 14 of Fernie's finest hopped in 4 cars and started their drive towards the American border. We bordered our flight in Kalispell, Montana and began our wonderful journey. As soon as we boarded we all quickly realized how deadly this trip was actually going to be as Butcher got completely annihilated on the flight and was crawling around the aisles by the time the flight landed.

I don't want to go into too many details, you can ask the boys to tell you some stories, but you know the old saying right? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. They might not be too forthcoming about what "actually" happened. But maybe someone will tell the story of the "Triple-King-Burger" or the infamous "party-favor" adventure. That last one will definitely go down in the record books for sure.

I've gotta throw a big shout out to the crew at the Eesa Lux Layering booth. We had a blast partying with all these guys and if I could remember what happened, I'm sure there would be some wicked stories!

The gang at Eesa

Their shit's lookin tight for next year, so keep your eyes peeled and come into the shop to pick up the latest Eesa layers. If you check out their website you'll see that Essa "...hand builds our socks to regulate your feet's micro-climate by keeping them warm and dry in the burliest of weather and getting sweat up and away from your skin!"

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