Lake Louise Free Ski 09

Schmobing Fast down icy bowel's of death competitors search for dirty pockets of soft flesh where they can sink their two sided swords. The battle has  begun between man and mountain, but undertermined thus far of who will draw first blood. As temperatures climb to astronomical levels the battle continues as knights lay molten steel to the melting skin of the beast. As victims are claimed further warriors rally together behind their brethren to ensure that hope is not lost. To fight again is the shared attitude as the day comes to close. This battle continues for a total of five days with a deth toll in the thousands, but on the seniors third day of battle the monster is laid to rest under the shady tombstone of ER3.

Over the last two weekends i was offered the oppertunity to announce the 09 Free Ski events held at Lake Louise. A competition that has always in my mind been one of the most core competitions held. The comp is held on 100% natural terrain (no man made features) with competitors being given open game to slay whichever line they please. Judged on Fluidity, Agressivness, and overall Line score, Men and Women of all ages came out to have some fun in the sun. Big shout outs to all that competed. I had an unbelievable time sending it with you two plank wank faces. Madd love, here is a pic of the love that was in the air as team rider Dylan Siggers makes a move after krushing the course with sick steeze.dylan-getting-cozy

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