Shop Showdown 09

Come and join the fun this weekend as Lake Louise re-introduces the Shop Showdown!!! With the return of Jumps Lake Louise is hosting a hoe down throw down between shops across Alberta and BC. Come watch with some wobbly pops as one shop employee and one shop rider compete in a two day event including Slopestyle and Big Air. On day one a shop employee from each team will show off his or her skills on a course designed for extreme fun with minimal consequence. On day two sponsored shop riders will put it all on the line in a massive big air competition. Word on the street is the Table Top being designed is in the area of 75' long with a big wide landing for 1080 and 900 maddness, or maybe just massive BS 180 Tails (way better than meat huck's). After its all done the event celebrations will be had as the winner takes home a big prize sponsorship from Helly Hansen and one shop claims title over the rest. Competing for Commit will be Mikel Witlox shop guy/rider, killing in the name of the greatest shop in snow history. Win or lose commit gives huge shout out to all its supporters. Madd Love!!!!!

[caption id="attachment_733" align="alignnone" width="448" caption="Small Paul"]Small Paul[/caption]

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