Party Town-Shop Showdown 09

The weekend was one not to be forgotten, but also one that will be hard to remember. Mikel witlox stole the show entering as both  shop employee and shop rider(due to my having to announce). On day one after waking up to bailey's, monster energy drinks, and of course ice cold Kokanee we made our way up to the Slope style Course. Warriors included Snowboard Judges- Todd Williamson and Steve Huruby, Ski Judges- Chris Ebbern and Tim from whislter, Team Riders- Mikel Witlox(snowboard) , Ben Ogilvie, Jesse, Robbie Heule, Sandy Ogilvie  (ski), and others from around Alberta and BC. At noon the hammer was thrown and day one of competition got underway, but was short lived as Ben and Mikel destroyed the course so badly that louise thought of shutting the mountain down permanently. Mikel Stole first for Commit in a the snowboard category with a run consisting of Sw/BS 5,    270 boardslider/270,   out and finishing with a Cab 7 mute ( Iknow its like hes a robot or something). Ben Ogilvie also claimed first for Commit with a menacing run of switch ski madness.

With a fantastic end to day one we retired back to our two level condo and got absolutly saucy as we were joined by both Danderson, Woon towner, Skotty DON'T, and Linde  for a night of debauchery which included ripped shirts, broken beer bottles, urination, and of course a good ole game of ro sham bo. This madness lead straight into sundays big air competition as we headed back up to the mountain jacked up and in desperate need of a blanket and pillow. Big air went down almost flawlessy except for a minor injury to the unicorn tamer. Mikel Landed both Front 7 Melon and Bs 180 Super Crail hungover as balls to keep himself in top spot. Darcy Keller the golden boy, stomped Bs 7 Melon to claim the big prize, and Jesse laid down huge to keep ben and his team as number one in the west. One skier even dared hit the jump switch and dropped a 900 so big that to kids urinated themselves just watching it.

Big shout out to all that came and joined the festivities, and big thanks to our riders who showed that we are pretty much untouchable when it comes to being a Core shop run by Core Riders. A true tribute to the effort and time that has been dedicated into COMMIT being more than a place to by gear, but instead an idea of how to use gear properly, and have fun doing it. Not selling a product but instead a lifestyle which makes us who we are... MADD LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! TEASER FOR 09 DROPS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO  CHECK  IT!!! "EXTRA ORDINARY" -Dubs Brothers Films/Shred Co operative


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