Extra. Ordinary.

The days of waiting are over!!! It's teaser time batman. Thanks to the beautiful minds of Big Fish- Joel Whalen and The Infamous "Dubs" Matt Westcott. Commit Brings you the sneek peek at our 2009 Shred Flick titled "Extra. Ordinary." Film includes all the riders of the "Lamp" and "Send It" with a few new faces all captured in High definition action at resorts all over North America. With new camera's and the talent to operate them Dubs Brothers Films and The Shred Co-operative come together to make minds explode and bowels release!!! but dont fret, Bargain Bargain the Bargain shop has a sale on fresh tighty whities. Sit tight and enjoy...

Massive ups to the boys for shred creativity this year, and MEGA shout out to the editing talents of dubs and biggie. Without further adue...  Extra.Ordinary.

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