Check it!!!

The mysterious Sketchin McCachen contacted me the other day to bring to my attention a new project he has begun working on. The operation is called Stokeshow and it will be a website devoted to awsomenass!!! Based loosly on sex, art, and the culture of our generation Kyle posts daily webisode brigning you the inside scoop on wake boarding, skateboarding, music, art, snowboarding, and of course...HOT BABES. haha In the words of the man himself:  Stoke Show Media Group (STOKEshow) is an association of artists, entertainers and media. STOKEshow is about real people developing their talents and creating projects.  Social and active, we focus on celebrating art, sex and a healthy young lifestyle.

To check out all the action simply visit the site  We look forward to working with stokeshow on lots of up an coming projects such as trick tips, summer party's, cliff jumping, and of course our teams summer trip to camp of champions in whistler(Big thanks to Fabia).

Link will be up in our friends section son but for now use the one above. Madd propps to Kyle McCachen for creating something for todays youth.


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