Road "Trippin" to Whistler 04/07/09

At five thirty in the morning we departed the home of the Ogilvies and began our trip west. The objective: to seek and destroy the slippery slopes of the Blackcomb Glacier. We had been recruited into an elitist military Death camp where we would train to become a force so powerful that it would cause Kim Jong Il to vomit profusely on himself if he even so much as glanced our way.

The trip was a twelve hour battle that we survived on the strength of Wolf Bear, Eagle elk (elk with wings), and of course Americas favorite past time, McDonalds (I mean after all it was Americas birthday). When we finally arrived into the town of whistler we were so stoked and excited that we forgot to document any of it, but this isn't the fun video anyways is it? Check the site tomorrow to see the update from our first day at Death Camp, and of course to see all that was slayed on the icy fields of doom.

PS. Big shout out to Farrell Greyeyes and the tribe up in Dawson creek. I will come visit as soon as the white man has more work for me.

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