Mandatory Monday 06/07/09

Welcome to what will be an ongoing weekly update on the Commit site. With inspiration from our friends at the every monday we will post a new video filmed around a mandatory task that must be completed by whoever we think is capable of completing it. These tasks do do have to be anything related to snowboarding, skateboarding, or other board sports but are more based around things that our veiwers will hopefully find drinking a bottle of hotsauce?

This mandatory Monday we decided the trick would be would be a "Frontside 7 Tailgrab". It was the first "Mandatory Monday" we have ever done and since we were in whistler it seemed like the perfect way to start off what will be a fun webisode moving forward. If you have any ideas feel free to send us an email, or drop by the shop and take part, as well... if you film your own "Mandatory Monday" feel free to send us a link and if we like it we will post it on our site and reward you with something dope.

Right onnnnnnnn tone!!!!!!

Whistler Mandatory Monday, Front 7 Tail from Commit Snow and Skate on Vimeo.

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