Tweaker Tuesday... 07/07/09

As the crew rolled out of bed for "Tweaker Tuesday" we were dissapointed to look out the window and discover that it would not be a "fun in the sun kind of day". Originally planned as a GRABS ONLY adventure on the mountain we instead had to settle for about three inches of fresh Corn Chowder Powder putting us all in a old school slash and thrash kind of mood. The day was spent with no documentation other than a late evening shotgun, and therefore we decided we would use this opportunity to show you all the footage from Monday that was not Mandatory. Overall a great day still and the first night that we decided to fire it up in town. Big shout outs to Zogs for there poutine, and Splitz Grill for their famous burger and chicken finger. Without the base they provided things could have gotten messy. Also a BIG thanks to Mad Mike, Mitch, and Devon for being our local tour guides for night scene adventures and afternoon LAKESIDE LIVIN. Wacky Wednesday coming up next.

Tweaker Tuesday from Commit Snow and Skate on Vimeo.

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