Wacky Wednesday 08/07/09

This was hands down one of the most fun days we had on our whole trip. After sendin it Pure Dirty style the night before we woke up with the decision that we would open up our bag of goodies we had brought with us from the Ogilvies house. Inside the mystery bag was a series of disguises, ranging from Zombie Hands to Dick Tracy outfits to fake noses... We mixed and matched items, got decked out and headed to "Go Get Some" in style. Who says it needs to be an occasion to dress up like a ten year old on Halloween? I mean after all we spend most of our time acting like ten year old's when we are with good friends.
As we finished the chairlifts/bus/chairlift combo, we put on our gear and gripped it to the park. Mikel Gorbachev X President of the Soviet Union, opened it up Raw Keith Richards style looking somewhere in between a Gypsie Palm Reader and a Vagabond Jazz Musician. A combo that not only enabled him super riding powers, but also drove the lady's crazy showing nothing but carefree attitude. The rest of us lay somewhere in the back round like the drummer of Metallica, constantly trying to break into the spotlight, and feel noticed, but instead throwing hopeless fits about not feeling adequately compensated for our efforts.

All ribbing aside...great day again with the boys, cheers to riders the ride!!!

Wacky Wednesday 08/07/09 from Commit Snow and Skate on Vimeo.

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