"Thrasher Thursday" 09/07/09

Thrash it up home-slice-face guerilla peanut with a twist of LIME!! Alright!! Not Bad!! But Not Great!! Lets get serious. Filming is improving and so is the permanent grease stain we are starting to leave on this Fresh tasting Glacier. It all started with team tribe member Bear Cub Chris Bradshawoski thrashing himself in the early sun and separating his shoulder. Bad News Bears, but nothing new for Chris. Trust me if you know him you know that this happens all the time, and is being worked on through true Body Break Mentality (Keeping Fit and Having Fun). All it meant for team Co-mm-IT!! was that we had an extra filmer for the day. Truly COMMITed Chris manned the Big Rig Camera-saki with the skill of famous sushi maker Derek Bowker (sparwood). This means good things for all watching, as we were able to focus on showing off the individual talents of our team members. With an off mixture of weather the army of Commit opened it up with live fire exposing their individual arsenals of weaponry on the beast that is COC.
Another one bites the dust...

Thrasher Thursdays from Commit Snow and Skate on Vimeo.

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