Known As "KUHN"

His life started with the energy of an atomic blast as the earth filled its lungs deep and braced itself for the birth of the one known as KUHN. Born in the Hellish North under a wet mossy rock shaded beneath a canopy of spruce, Balsam, and pine, Kuhn smashed his way through the off-white shell of the gelatinous filled egg which contained him. Little did mother nature know of the power contained within the body of this being. Or about his ability to expose her in ways that would not only show the flesh torn scars of her past, but also the bring forth images of battles she was yet to face. Scared she tried to extinguish the potential fire and began shedding tears of fear from the skies above. The water poured down with the power of the Angel Falls in Venezuela, and started to flood the forest sweeping everything in its wake to the valley floor. As Kuhns body was swept out from his rocky shelter of creation, he was tossed into a meshed together wave of washed away forest floor and debris. Without any concept of panic Kuhn summoned the power of the kundalini and casually rode out the storm...
...Years past and during this period of time Kuhn came to realize that his chakras were in perfect harmony with his surrounding environment. He was gifted with the eyes of the Eagle, the grace of a Lynx, and the power of a a 300 MPH DUCATI Monster S2R. With these gifts he began educating himself in the way of the Camera, and started a career which has lead him to where he stands today. A supernatural being located in the heart of the Kootenays on the constant search for the odd...the awkward...and the beautiful.

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