And it begins...

Oh me oh my...winter stock has arrived.

Where should we start? How about Capita snowboards, the award winning company that continues to Devour Everything! Capita's offering's for 2009/2010 are in a couple of words...well Bad Ass. Reverse camber? Yeah, they've got you covered and in more ways than one. The best part...Capita won't break your bank. Award winning snowboards without the "B" price tag. This means more money in your pocket for Union bindings...

Oh yes... Union Bindings Company, Built Strong. Damn strong. With Gigi Ruf, Danny Kass and Dan Brisse (to name a few) all on the Union train you know these bindings are not only getting the job done day in day out on the mountain/street/wherever the hell you ride your snowboard, this is the best looking line Union has ever created. And the binding itself is stronger, lighter and better than ever. Basically, you should come get a pair.

The best part of the whole deal? Commit Snow and Skate is stocked with more Capita and Union than ever before, but the cat is out of the bag...the fat is in the fire...and they won't last forever.

Make sure to keep the site bookmarked, and we will make sure to keep you up to date with all the new arrivals at Commit Snow and Skate. Beyah!

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