Vidoes Are IN!!

Fall is here biznamies...

This means one very important thing. "Chili with Cheese buns"...and of course... The release of all of 2009's new shred porn DVD's. With the list of pros gowing at an enourmous rate is is becoming increasingly difficult to know which movies will make your brain explode like a pumpkin thrown from a car at 120 miles and hour. No need to fear my friends for as the industry grows so do film companies reputations for sicknasty shrednass. Production companies such as Absinthe Films, Standard Films, Sandbox, Alterna, FODT, and Dubs Brothers Films/Jah Raven have been making the best of the best for years and are always good choices to ensure that your body spontaneously combusts. Newer to the scene include some other very talented video crews such as People Creative, Videograss, and Think Thank,and Transworld which tend to cover the tight pant gypsie hobo snowboarders which are becoming more of a normal sight in snowboarding over the last few years. (Now i am all for self expression but in winter time i am a firm believer in wearing clothing which actually serves the function of insulation. So unless you live in Cali or somewhere south, i urge you to actually wear gear designed for cold weather, cause frankly you look like a big  time trend seeker when it is minus 18 celsius and your shredding in jeans and an american apparel hoody.) Back to Videos sorry for that...

Top Ten in no particular order is:

  1. Dubs Brothers Films-"EXTRA ORDINARY"
  2. Absinthe Films-"NEVERLAND"
  3. Standard Films-"BLACK WINTER"
  4. Sandbox Films-"SHINE ON"
  5. Videgrass-"VIDEOGRASS"
  6. Transwolrd-"GET REAL"
  7. People Creative-"NICE TRY"
  8. Alterna Films-"ELEKTRO"
  10. Stepchild/32-"THIS VIDEO SUCKS"

The only one that i have seen thus far is NEVERLAND and all i can say is that if you know anything about snowboarding or nothing about snowboarding this is a must buy Video that will service you for all your snowboard needs. Metal, Powder, and more.

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