Joel Whalen

Jah Raven, Big Fish, Shred Co-operator, Raven Fish, Jah Big? All names of the legendary Joel Whalen. With muscles bigger than a small child, teeth whiter than a tungsten light bulb, and a mustache that could rival Friedrich Nietzsche (Look him up...LEGIT) he was born into this world with the intention of being the best. He failed miserably however, but is still one of the most legitimate, well spoken cats I have ever met. Not to mention he can ski better than Stan Marsh did when he freed the spirits of the Wakacha Indians on the dreadful K13 (Southpark reference...if you haven't seen the episode you are either wasting your life being too serious or just need to brush up on your Southpark). Back to Joel... Big fish in his youth grew up as part of the original Notorious B I G but after Biggie Smalls got gatt-ted Joel was asked by JZ and JT money if he would give up his famous rap career to allow them to sell more albums to raise money for Christopher George Latore Wallace's Family (not to mention entourage of hoes) Bigfish being the noble character that he is backed out of the rap game, changed his skin color, and decided that he would take his street skillz and apply them to his new life in a small mountain town. He moved to Fernie, became a vegan, shacked up with a beautiful women named Ali Schroeder, and got about 60 dogs. Below is a video that he has filmed and edited showcasing his new life...

Thanks for always being Commited J (sorry for the verbal diarrhea).

Joel 'Jah Raven' Whalens 2008-2009 Demo. from Joel Whalen on Vimeo.

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