Our Sale has been forced upon us by the Shops in this town that believe winter is over in February? I guess if you rely on the brands  selling themselves, rather than being knowledgeable about your product this is the result? Commit however, prides itself on giving more of its shelf space to the independent brands that are not as well known, but exist as rider driven rider owned, and are equal or superior in quality and detail. That is why when it comes to customer service we are always here taking the time to help our customers figure out what will work best for them. If we do not offer the product ourselves we will happily help point you in the right direction to find what you are looking for.

With that said we offer this sale to go one further with our service, and offer some special discounts to keep us competitive in a town that is being slowly killed by the online shopper (you know who you are). What you don’t realize about your online purchase is that the local economy that is supporting you is not being stimulated, which results in fewer jobs, lower wages, less community growth, and less opportunity for local business. There is a reason that you see buy local stickers everywhere, and it is not just businesses that are promoting this idea, it is the people who have chosen to make Fernie their home (temporary or permanent). It is people who go out of their way to find products locally, and support one another to help advance the growth and expansion of our town. It is the backbone of what allows people to live in Fernie year round and support their friends and family.
Alright...back to the sale (sorry for the rant)

All Nomis, Sound, and Technine outerwear is 20% Off

All Gloves and Mittens is 20% Off

All Womens & Mens Jeans 40% Off

All Beanies/Toques 20% Off

All Bern Helmets 15% Off

All Celsius Boots 20% Off

Add Technine Bindings to any Board for $150

Buy 2 T-shirts get 1 Free

The majority of our Hardgoods however remain at Full Blow because we firmly believe that we can help you the customer find exactly what he or she needs to have an awesome time on the mountain for a very reasonable price. We do not sell or believe in selling any board that retails over $700 because the board you buy will not make you a better snowboarder, but the money you save and then put towards a trip with your friends WILL!! Think about how much less fun you will have if you are worried about chipping your precious over priced board, especially considering you should have spent that money on a good pair of Boots and Bindings.
Sorry for the Rant...Enjoy the Sale...


Thanks for the Pic Bobby!!!

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