"A day in the Park with Chris Bradley"

Today *Commit* pays tribute to a fallen soldier, and probably one of the most naturally gifted rail shreds i have ever seen during my snowboard years. Chris Bradley has been taken out by the likes of a stubborn shoulder injury that most snowboarders can sympathize with. Back from what we thought to be destroyed, burned to cinders, and released to the ocean (aka: repaired) this evil reoccurring injury has once again reared its mangled face. Luckily however (knowing Bradley all but too well) there is nothing but reassurance in the minds of all of Commits brain children that this setback will be short lived in the career of CB, due to the incredible HULK strength, determination, and COMMITment he has shown throughout his life. Enjoy as we take you on a journey through the average $8.50 an hour work day of Chris Bradley, and friends.

May your recovery be swift...

Right Onnnnn!!!!!

ParkGreasin!!! from Commit Snow and Skate on Vimeo.

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November 10, 2015

Ha! You’d think she was a boy with a name like Bob wouldn’t you, but no, Bob’s a girl and she wow’s the other girls with her stnnuing range in tinsel-wear

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