"Island Lake Grease"

Thanks to the great folks at Island lake Lodge, George (from Ski Base) and I got the opportunity at the beginning of the year to have a preseason day of Catskiing. For early December it was amazing how much coverage they had, and also the amount of untouched snow. The day was spent tearing up terrain that was untracked, and enjoying just a tiny sliver of the vast terrain that they control, and offer. If you ever get the chance, or need a day of pure untouched pow chow, and have some spare cash. I would highly recommend spending it Catskiing at one of the fine local facilities that Fernie has to Offer. I mean for the cost of a lift ticket and lunch at the ski hill you are already half way there, but with the little extra money spent you get to enjoy the luxury of a heated chairlift, a fresh healthy lunch, and of course...FRESH UNTOUCHED GREASE!!!! Well worth it for the experience...

Here are the links to the local spots...stay tuned for a Story/Video from FWA-aaaahhhhh!! as well.

Island Lake Grease from Commit Snow and Skate on Vimeo.

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