Greasers own Kimberly Rail Grease...

What more can you say...Commit greased the hell out of this competition. These three boys come from all different areas of this fine country, and are hands down a proud representation of what it is to be Canadian. Whether your from the Prairie fields, born in the Rockies, or a Franco-phone, we all represent the same idea of life. Gettin down with the get down, and as a great man once told me " he who sends it...gets it delivered"-scott martin. (Too bad the prizes delivered were less than adequate of what these boys brought to the table...?) All things aside it looks like it was a great day in the sun getting greasy in Kimbo, and it is also a pleasure to see the handy work of Todd Gamey back behind the lense making edits for the site.

Remember..."crow is only as strong as its weakest feather"-The Chief

Greasers own Kimberly rail grease... from Commit Snow and Skate on Vimeo.

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