Teasing Teasers from Space!!!

Holy testeroni and cheese!!! Big fish has been at work in the lab and on the mountain working towards next years blockbuster spectacular. The name you ask? Good question? but whats in the fridge? no but seriously thats the name. Whats the name? "Whats in the fridge..." Ohh I get it!!! Very clever! But enough nonsense. Joel Whalen and crew have been getting er done on the daily, and the result has been most greasy. Lots of Buckles, senders, tweaks, twizzlers, baconators, poptarts, big macs, twisters, moustachios, eggrolls, shabu shabu etc. and it is eventually going to come to life on the big screen thanks to the brain work of sir Raven face the third. The following is a teaser to the teaser. Something to get your mouth watering right before all the snow melts and you realize that your EI is running out, and you will soon again have to face the reality of returning to work to make enough cash to support another winter (Not to mention the never ending converasation with your caring parents regarding going back to school and making something of yourself). Okey Dowkey then enjoy the sick bail section...

Whats in the Fridge. A Pre Teaser. from Jah Raven Creation on Vimeo.

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