K3 Revelstoke!!!!

CANADA WINS THE GOLD!!!! I know what your thinking? That happened weeks, and weeks ago, but let us reflect on what we were all doing when the breakout team of Iginla and Crosby made there way towards the USA net in overtime to reclaim what was already ours. G-O-L-D!! I myself was cat skiing at the fantastic resort that is K3. A team of the greasiest bucklers were assembled, and made their way through the Canadian Rockies in an exploration for epic snow and good times. Both came easy but mother nature had plans of her own, plans which included class four avalanche danger and weather in the form of rain and cloud. Not the most ideal conditions when trying to film for the upcoming shred flick, but all things aside...K3 offers over 33,000 ski able acres of terrain located deep in the mountains between Revelstoke and Sicamouse. What does this mean? Lots of Grease!!! If you have been searching for unlimited access to terrain that ranges from AK Lines to Rockies head wall then search no further. Just remember to make sure you book for peak season to ensure good controlled conditions because stability is key. Enjoy this short B-Roll video from our adventures, and check out K3catski.com for more details.

Right On!!!!!

K3 Revelgrease!!! from Commit Snow and Skate on Vimeo.

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