FAR Out Mannnn!!!

Year of the fallen soldier? With not very much of the white stuff helping to provide a cushion beneath us on our boards, I have witnessed some of the most brutal stacks, and crashes ever. Having no powder to keep the fire stoked, our minds begin wandering the path of park and freestyle progression (I mean what else can you do with Huck-ruts and corduroy). The end result becomes combing the mountain for big high speed gaps, and secret senders to experiment off of, and although this is exactly what we should be doing...we sometimes end up on the short (or long) end of a grip. Between Stu's broken back, Bradley's shoulder, Louif's knees, Jimmy's clavicle, Dougy's Fibea, Todd's mangled toenail experience, and the many others who spent time on the bench this year, it has definitely a season to reflect on the sport we love. Here is a video for all those who have been forced on to couches playing video games, and eating food excessively waiting for their body's to recover...(least that's what i did during my many recovery months)

Enjoy...and get well!!!

FAR Out Man!!! from Commit Snow and Skate on Vimeo.

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