"Summer Time Blues"

As we sit and wait for lakes and rivers to increase in temperature and water level, we reflect upon the winter past. This time is a tough one, much like waiting for snow in Fall, but it is also a great time to look at the life we live and the places that allow us to do it. These places we call home have everything we need, and offer the best of both summer and winter. The hard part is waiting for each season to finish bleeding its colors before we can fully enjoy the next. Time passes by sluggishly, cash is scarce, weather is as temperamental as Mike Tyson, and jobs are slow in getting underway. What can you do? Best bet is to get on top of everything that you have been putting off over the last six months and get caught up on your life. That or watch videos of all the fun things that you will be able to do in short time. So while we wait for better weather and the Lakes to reach their full potential, I am going to continue posting fun videos that encompass all that we are. Have a great long weekend...drive safe, consume lots of food and beverage, and enjoy the company of friends!!! Cheers!!!

Here is a edit form the boys of Sunshine Villiage. It is closing weekend out there if you are still feeling the itch.

Madd Love as always...COMMIT

Rob & Sandy at Sunshine Vol.II from Rob Heule on Vimeo.

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