"Bean Jammin Mahn"

Yo MasSivIstS,
Check out this one time selector brot to you leyeve from right ner da beach's of whistler megasa lakeasa. Batter up bouy. Alright...alright nuff nonsense. Here are a couple of videos from shred head Ben Ogilvie. If you are headed out to the great glacier this year then good on yah. If not we included a video of what it's like out there. Benny is on the bench with a serious ankle injury at the moment, and will be unable to bless COC (camp of champions) with his presence. So we are sorry to disappoint everyone and hope that it doesn't drive the company into bankruptcy. I think they will be Ogay, but Ben is definitely a legend that makes it safer in the sky. Ok...ocay...does anybody ever read this nonsense anyway? I have always wondered? Had some good ones in the past but this one is pretty lame. I mean Jamaica has some pretty serious disrest at the moment, so maybe we shoudn't poke fun at their speech?
Crows wing will always heal stronger, and soar higher when healed. So get better and stuff Beano OKAY!!!
Enjoy the video(s)?

COC 09' With Ben O from Benjamin Rex on Vimeo.

Ben Ogilvie POV from Benjamin Rex on Vimeo.

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