"Great googely moogely"

Winter gear is dropping onto the floor daily, and we gotsta do what we can to ensure that peeps be getting all the info necessary to prepare them for old man winter. I was having a casual Old Milly with the great chief the other morning and he told me of a winter like no other. A winter so grand that the only choice of transportation will be by snow leopard, or mythical winter horse. Both of which can only be captured by setting up a special trap. The trap he explained was made up of all the favored delicacy's of the two beasts, and when properly prepared was the only true way to win their hearts. The problem is that by the time he told me the recipe I had crushed about 12 milly's, and don't remember any of it. I do remember however that the winter he spoke of was only a couple months away, and that the recipe for success included wearing goggles. Luckily we just received a good portion of our winter stock...so stop on by to protect your eyes...before its too late and you end up like Mcbain...AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ze Goggles Do nothing!!!!!

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Coming soon is the D'Brickashaw with the breakdown...

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