"The Art Of Flight"- Brain Farm

So here we sit mid way through what I would consider to be another winter worth waiting for. Year to year the world trades off good snow between the northern and southern hemispheres, and countries east to west. As the trade continues professional film crews from all areas of the earth head out in search of the sacred white flakes trying to capture the essence of this sport which consumes our lives. With an unmeasurable amount of elements to take into account in the process of producing each years cinematic work of art, the push continues on to go further to show the boundless opportunities offered through outdoor exploration. Hours spent behind cameras, in helicopters, on planes, traveling, food, computers, distribution, and endless editing time all adds to the tab. When the clouds finally clear? A perfectly painted picture representing the artists and individuals involved. This year the film to see was Teton Gravity's "Deeper", a two year project culminating the talents, journey's, and lives of Jeremy Jones and crew on their adventures into the unknown. Before that masterpiece was one of the most (if not the most) influential snowboard movies ever created. THAT'S IT THAT'S ALL- the debut film for a new cinematic company now known as "Brain Farm". A company founded on the passion to test the limits of high definition motion picture production and to awe people with amazing images. Started by master mind Curt Morgan, and bionic partner in crime Travis Rice, the world was shocked and amazed as they took the idea of a modest budget and shot it into space with a gold cannon covered in diamonds (courtesy of Redbull, and Quicksilver). So where are we now, and what lies ahead in this crazy snowboard universe? Answer? Simple really, the investigation into " THE ART OF FLIGHT".

Sorry for the gargle? Enjoy what will definitely conclude the 2011 chapter of snowboarding.


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