Intoducing the "LAZY Crew"

Representing all parts of mountain culture and venturing deep into the unexplored back country for fresh tracks and tranquility Commit proudly introduces "LAZY Crew" - Here is there first video debut, with many more to follow from all areas of BC and Mountain Ranges near and far.

This video tells the story of one epic adventure into the heart of the Valhalla mountain range. Which is to say...a day of shredding the open unending trails of heaven itself. Split up into 3 parts and all filmed in a 24 hr period by some of the gnarliest dudes hiding out in the caves of the Kootenays. This cinematic journey begins with a mega run above the clouds in the alpine, and ends in classic Lazy Crew style with a super secret sender through natures field goals. The endeavor ends with a gripper line underneath giant faces of rock, with mans best friend hot on heals to get some face shots with the crew.

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