Double Trouble

The Red Bull Double Pipe spine is the game changer. Sure, you’ve got the channel gap, the wallrides, and the rails, but that’s really nothing new. Transferring blind over the four-foot wide deck is where the true challenge lies. Last year, we saw the spine take down a few riders including Scotty Lago and Markus Keller. Gabe Ferguson won best trick with a backside 360 transfer. With the redesigned spine this year, featuring a less vertical takeoff, Chase Jose was already spinning backside 720s over the lower 17-foot spine section on day one of practice. By day two, Ben Ferguson was landing backside rodeos.

Today, the jam format semi-finals get underway. With no limit on the amount of runs riders can take in the two hour jam, this is where we’ll see the level of riding explode as the field of 19 riders looks to make the top eight advancing to finals on Thursday.

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