Capita - Outerspace Paradise

Well when you have the opportunity to open up your own snowboard factory and produce the best boards on planet Casanova, then you better bet your hot crossed buns your going to release a couple of new bad mama jamma's into your already stackita line up.

Introducing the New Outerspace Living in Paradise.

Now don't get me all tied up in the fact that the Outerspace is spec'd out like an updated Outdoor Living. Anyone who spends time in the outdoors knows that if you don't adapt your bound to get attacked by big ass Kodiac's hooked on crack. An adapt they have... All new camber profile for the All Mountain Freestyle assault artists, and easy flexin for extreme fun. Take the seriousness out of trying to get to Mercury, and just kick back and enjoy Outerspace. I mean shit space is paradise compared to a world where you just get Trump'd at every turn. But enough Donald Douchbag Ooops, I meant duck. Loosing sight here on my mission in Paradise. Oh yeah that's right lady's, I live in Paradise, and you can too with the all new adventure stick that Capita dropped for all the flyin' high birds out there. Sit back and crack into cold one this ships got titanium in it. Ahh yeah all we have to do know is update ourselves on the science side of things and we have a spacey winter in the bag.

 CAPiTA Life...

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