CAPITA WEEK with the Moss Boss

Fall is finally here. The leaves have changed and the nights are getting colder. More exciting is popping in to your local snowboard shop to see all the new gear that arrives daily, and start sorting out the ride-able and completely destroyed parts of your kit. Two things I replace in my kit every season are Boots, and Board. If you had a good season out on the slopes and bagged over 40+ days on your shred stick bonking and buttering off everything in site, then most likely your board is bagged too. Buying a new board is a big decision. It's usually the most expensive part of your kit, and also the most important once you've made your feet happy. Big ticket purchases can cause anxiety, and with the camber trends of late who knows shat the heck is going on. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. Shop employees should be well versed in their tech knowledge, but tech means nothing to no one unless snowboarding is your job or favorite hobby, and you nerd out in your spare time learning about it like myself. So ask yourself a few simple questions and it will help sort out the madness.
What style of rider am I?
A. Freeride - I shred mountains. I enjoy going fast. I ride mostly groomers, and powder. I ride mostly in one direction. Cliffs and natural features make me feel tingly in my toesies. I ride through the park with friends but don't hit anything other than small jumps or the odd box or I don't ride park at all.
B. Freestyle - I want to spend as little time on the ground as possible. When not making contact with snow I like to balance myself on metal, wood, cement, and other objects. I like contorting my body into positions which allow me to flip, spin and twist to my hearts desire. I sometimes snowboard in urban environments that are nowhere near a mountain let alone a hill. I believe in doing something with my left foot forward, and then re learning it with my right foot leading the charge. AKA Switch.
C. All Mountain Freestyle - I am a swiss army knife. I enjoy all aspects of snowboarding. I can or used to ride metal objects. I prefer shredding the mountain, but will ride a park if snow sucks or the mountain is flat. I am happy and comfortable catching air in both natural and man made environments. I am primarily freeride but want to continue progressing my freestyle. 
The second you answer this question you can eliminate 60% of the snowboards on the market and hone your search in on finding a board in your specific category. Now very important to understand at this stage is that all snowboards on the planet under the feet of an experienced rider can transcend categories, but if you want to progress quicker and see results... stick with a stick designed for your style of shredding.
On Day 2 we will start learning about one of my favorite snowboard producers on planet earth CAPiTA SUPER CORP. They recently built the largest most Eco-friendly snowboard production facility on the planet, and for that I tip my hat to them. It was a conscious choice made to minimize their footprint and impact on mother earth. A choice that will help save our winters so future generations can keep the dream alive. Check out the vid for the inside scoop on how it operates.

CAPiTA: The Mothership Connection from CAPiTA Snowboards on Vimeo.

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