Clemens Millauer // Best time of the season - Spring time

A whole f*#$ load of flippy doo's in this edit, but aside from that this guy has style for miles, and to bang all this out in a spring edit is damn impressive. I would have probably made a trip to the ER on the first hit. Based off the weather here in Fernie no wonder my mind is already wandering towards winter, but when has that been a bad thing. Lots of summer to come, but lets not forget why we live in the mountains. According to Game of Thrones - Winter is Here!!! Bah humbug lets enjoy all 4 seasons as they come, and day dream about the others at work. Film work courtesy of Jonas Geronimo Schnuerch


Clemens Millauer // best time of the season - spring time from Jonas Geronimo Schnuerch on Vimeo.


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