Crab Grab - Crunch Time

Now we all know that Crab Grab offers you the best one foot traction in the business, and in some cases offers more stick to your stick than a binding, but did you also know that this year they got hot and heavy into the glove game? I know what your thinking. No Way Jose! But yes folks with magic mitts like the Man Hands, Crab Grab has opened up a whole lot of whoop ass and can pop the top on any stubborn jar you get your paws on. Their team is filled with heavy hitters, as well as everyday shred heads attacking the mountain and streets in the name of science. Water + Negative(-) Temperatures = Greasy Ground the can be ridden on top of for maximum serotonin release. The result is the sport we all know and love. Here is a video from the crew from December, and a feature on how their gloves can make grabbing your board a "cinch".


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