Danny Davis - Peace Park 2016

A contest devoted to what attracted me to snowboarding in the first place. Style, Style, and more Style!!! Danny Davis is a unique man in the world of snowboarding combining his talent in the vert scene with his creative ideas towards ultimate park design. The peace park is exactly this, the combination of multiple series of transitions opposed to conventional or traditional ideas of park shapes and features. Combine this with the best shreds on planeto eartho, and you have magic in the making.

Modern Day Shreddinator Danny Davis:

Peace Park Excerpt:

Mountain Dew has teamed up once again with professional snowboarder Danny Davis and Snow Park Technologies (SPT) to create and release the newest installments of PEACE PARK – A unique concept that began five years ago when Danny Davis envisioned an opportunity to enhance the creative and stylistic culture of snowboarding by evolving the traditional halfpipe build, expanding beyond its original competition-style layout to include fun, park-like features that are inspired by both skateboarding and surfing. Each year, Danny works with Mountain Dew and SPT to help design PEACE PARK, a course like no other in the world, inviting elite riders handpicked by Danny to showcase their unique styles on the mountain. iTunes is offering an alternative 40-minute full action edit available for purchase on Tuesday, November 29. Peace Park

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