Gear Talk With The Moss Boss

Well the leaves have begun to change colour and the temperature at night has dropped below double digits. It is an exciting time of year. The time of year where things return to a normal schedule after a summer filled with lakeside living, surfs up, beer training, and rubbing ourselves with aloe because we are Canadian, and spent too much time pretending our skin is used to sun exposure. What it also means is that gear is flowing into the shop daily, locking us into the countdown to winter. Teasers metamorphose into full fledged films and this year has no shortage of shred porn to sink your teeth into. Commit this year is jumping head first into the transition with big plans for video premiers, gear talk, live in store product knowledge sessions, and of course awesome deals on the best product available for the upcoming season. Make sure you tune into our blog to get the low down on everything winter both here in Fernie, and around the globe. New media, fresh stoke, interactive media, and more from the little shop that coul

First one on the Books...  Union Binding Company

I first stepped into a pair of Union's in 2006 when the shop opened it's doors in the 3rd Ave "bodega" location. It was a game changer compared to anything I had ridden previous. I was hooked immediately and have followed their progress ever since. The brand has evolved into some of the most innovative, superior, and reliable foot2board attachers ever created. This year is a landmark year for Union as they release their first team movie dropping this fall. Follow them and the team on social media, and speak to us in store for more information on their products. Info outside of Fernie can be accessed on their youtube channel: UNION BINDING COMPANY - YOUTUBE or by emailing us:

Throughout the next week we will dive deeper into why Union is a decision you won't regret, but until then here is a video of Gigi Ruff breaking down the revolution of Forged Carbon, and of course... killing it on his snow stick.


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