Gear Talk with the Moss Boss - Day 2 CAPiTA SUPER CORP

Getting Krazy with Kazuhiro Kokubo

Okay so we all know the name, but let's get to know the man behind the name in this video short produced by Adidas as they entered the world of snowboarding.

Alright... alright... alright.

Kazu joined the team ranks of CAPiTA in December of 2012 after much debate of which companies snowboards he would land his magic feet upon. The announcement of the news felt like a no brainier really. Kazu has a wild style that fits the mold of how CAPiTA has assembled their team thus far. He is well rounded in all discipline on the snow, and has always had a punk rock "don't give a shit" attitude towards the corporate side of the industry. This year CAPiTA released Kazu's pro model, and if they had a 161 size offering it would have easily been my deck of choice for the upcoming winter. Powder shaped tip and tail, slightly tapered with a regular camber profile favoring the tail, and early rise and shine nose make this thing a weapon for the All Mountain Freestyler's out there. Engineered Carbon Arcs keep the nose and tail snappy for ollie power and responsive on edge. Panda core keeps things light while featuring "Bamboo Power Rod-ney Dangerfield's" that give immediate reaction to rider movements allowing the shredder to load up and spring off of any aerial feature like a "mentos fresh-maker" in a "Litre a cola".

Science Stuff:

  • Flex 6
  • Panda Core
  • Mountain V3 Profile
  • Engineered Carbon Arcs
  • Nano Carbon Forks
  • Dynaweave Fiberglass/Bi Resin
  • Omega Mark II High-Speed Base

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