Gear Talk with the Moss Boss - Day 4 Make Contact like a Pro

Day 4 of the Union Binding Company Breakdown

Contact Pro

Houston we have Contact... The ship looks like it's sailing off course and might have to call the Union and Contact a Pro.

A while back... in fact during the initial development of snowboarding, companies developed bindings that mounted on the outside, leaving you standing directly on top of your snowboard. This craze, this phenomenon was known as "Baseless". Not great in a musical understanding, but for snowboarders it gave them the true feel and flex of their board so they could let their hair out of it's man bun and slash the frozen ocean in a surf's up motion. As said before in history, I think thing's and stuff are repeating in some kind of cycle majig. This is true, and around the 2004 era of snowboarding binding companies began trying to make this concept relevant in snowboarding once more. There were ups and downs, and eventually a couple companies nailed it. The Big "B" or aka the "Apple" of snowboarding developed EST technology which mounts on the outside like the days before, but also in true "Apple" fashion tailored it to only fit with other "B" products as they don't like to play nice in the sandbox they freaking created (and for that we thank them immensely). Other companies fiddled and fizzled with ideas of grandeur, and then Union Binding Company in proper Union fashion developed Duraflex technology with the likes of Gigi Rüf perfected it. 5% footprint allowing your board to retain 95% natural flex. This binding destroys all terrain in its wake, and is backed by one of my favorite names in snowboarding.

Tech Talk:

  • Injected Magnesium Buckles
  • Vaporlite Full Bottom Bushing
  • Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcup
  • Minidisk Duraflex ST
  • Sonicfuse Straps
  • CP3 Duraflex Highback
  • 715 Grams (One of the lightest bindings ever produced)





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