Gear Talk with the Moss Boss - Day 7 Big Change with a Mini Disk

Day 7 marks the end of our educational Journey with the Union Binding Company. There have been laughs, cries, highs and lows, but I truly feel that we have developed ourselves further. I feel as though I am a better person even though only about 14 people joined me on the Journey. Next Week is Capita week which should be most informative and thought provoking. To end we will look at the evolution of the Union - Contact, and the Union - Milan.

These bindings have been staples in the line for quite some time now with minimal modification as they were serving their purpose just fine. But just as Darwin taught us so many moons ago. All things must evolve to maintain their order in the grand makeup of life, and evolve they have. New for the 16/17 season the Contact/Milan joins the ranks of the elite, and steps gently onto a super forgiving foot-bed that is sure to make Charmin Ultra Soft ultra jealous. The mini-disk revolution has acquired 2 new candidates, and marches forward with some of the most natural underfoot board feel to ever exist in the sport of snow sliding. Also incorporated are Highbacks which will allow the rider maximum  board tweakage that will cause leakage in all your friends pants as you paint them with the peanut butter and jealousy brush. So if you feel like your commitment to fall yoga is working and you would like a binding that aligns with your chakras, then look no further into connecting a binding with the inner working of your soul, and hop on a pair already. Ridden by world super corp. pros Scott Stevens & Jess Kimura

Thanks for Joining me on the adventure, and remember "If women don't find you handsome, they can sure find you handy" - Red Green


Science Stuff:

  • Injected Aluminum Buckles
  • Multi-density Thermoformed EVA Bushing
  • Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcup
  • Minidisk Duraflex
  • 3D Asymmetric Straps (Mens)
  • 3D Symmetric Ladyfit Straps (Womens)
  • Asymmetric S2 Highback (Mens)
  • Asymmetric A2 Lady Highback (Womens)

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