King of the Road - Episode 5

Well so far this season of KOTR has been nothing short of epic. Dudes are getting beat up out there. The handcuff challenge proved to be more draining on the teams than I expected, and injuries are rearing their evil heads. But I guess that's the price of competing in a full blown 13 day road trip from hell. The reward will outweigh it all once the points are tallied and a winner is crowned, but all teams win in the life experience and bonds created on the open road. A coming of age if you will. Tonight is episode 5, and if you haven't been watching full episodes are available on the VICE website just use a VPN to change your IP to the United States of Skateboarding. Sneak peak shows Enjoi getting the Metal Makeover so you know it's gonna be good. As always show starts at 10 at mine. Creature with a Deathwish.


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