Skateboarding v.s The Olympics

The proposal of Skateboarding and surfing in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 leaves the skateboard world dry in the mouth. Skateboarding has its many faces, so who will the chosen ones be? Who will prevail? There has been discrepancies in the past with athletes like Ben Raybourn getting lowballed in the 2015 X Games . With new athletes with unique styles and tricks coming out into the global playing field how can we integrate judging without segregation? 

How will big ticket corporations like banks and credit card companies fit in with the so called "sport" of skateboarding? How will core brands weasel there way into this new challenge? On the flip side, how will core skaters react? When there are strict rules and guidlines, will the athletes comply? or no comply? Transworld Business takes up the challenge of discussing the positives of skateboarding heading to the olympics in 2020. Lets take it to the round table shall we? 

What do you think? Is there a place for Skateboarding in the Olympics? 

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